Superb detached house with large terrace at the back and stone circle for the fire outside on beautiful winter days. The warm open concept house on the ground floor with its living room, fireplace, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Family room, bathroom and bedroom in the basement

PETS - No animal, bird, or other pet will be kept on the premises, even temporarily. If the LESSEE breaks this rule the deposit will beforfeited, even if the property has not been damaged in any way.

SMOKING - Smoking is forbidden inside the rented premises. If the LESSEEbreaks this rule the deposit will be forfeited, even if the property hasnot been damaged in any way.

RIGHT TO VISIT - The LESSEE must allow the LESSOR or his/her
representative to ascertain the condition of the property. The LESSEEmust permit all those who wish to rent or buy the property, to visit therented premises. The LESSEE must permit the LESSOR or his/herrepresentative to install on the rented premises signs indicated sale orrental.

Inclusions:  Cable, High speed unlimited internet, Snow removal, chiminey sweeping, linens, Housekeeping for lessee's arrival
Exclusions:  Firewood, End of lease housekeeping, Hydro quebec

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